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  • A. Narrow Bands are 11/4" wide and come in two different materials
    • 1. Polyester Twill is available either plain or with imprinted sizes.
    • 2. Mesh is available in a variety of colors that can be used for Color-coding & identification.
  • B.Wide Bands come in two sizes and are also available in two different materials.
    • 1. Choose 4" or 5" for Wide Bands.
    • 2. Choose Duck Cotton Cloth or Colored Mesh Bands.


NOTE: Mesh Bands come in Red, Green,Yellow, Orange, Blue and White.They provide an economical way of color-coding. Mesh Bands also promote fast drying time to help prevent mildew and can be used as a scrubber for stubborn spots.


More Options


Fan Style, Web-Foot or Spread any mop for $4.00 per dozen. Add "I" to the end of the stock number when ordering. This option is the addition of a 1/2" tape, called a tailband approximately 3" from the base.This option spreads the yarn for wider surface coverage and minimizes loose strands and tangles. See page 5 for illustration. Packing Options: Mops are polybagged and packed I dozen to a shipping carton unless noted otherwise.

  • 1. If 6 pack cartons are desired, add $1.20 per dozen. For 4 pack cartons, add $2.00 per dozen.
    2. If no polybag is desired, add "NP" to the stock number and deduct $.50


Special Order Options: Many items not included in the catalog may be special ordered.

Drop Shipment: May also be available.

Private Labeling is offered on regular, repeat orders of $500.00 or more.

Double or 4 Rows of Stitching on Narrow Band Mops: add $.75 per dozen. Add "D" to the stock number.

Double or 4 Rows of Stitching on Wide Band Mops: add $2.40 per dozen.Add "D" to the stock number.

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